How We Celebrate Thanksgiving and Giving of Thanks.

How We Celebrate Thanksgiving and Giving of Thanks.

Held at Faith United Methodist Church.

About 80 guests from about 10 SWIFT Member organizations spent an evening of great conversation and good dining.

Muslim, Christian and Jewish guests first heard 3 speakers give their perspectives on what “giving thanks” entails and encompasses in their religion.

Then while enjoying a delicious meal catered by Grapevine Restaurant, the guests at each table answered some questions relating to their understanding of giving of thanks to God. They also got an opportunity to share personal experiences related to the topic.

For example, a couple of the questions were:
• While our faiths teach us to be thankful for God’s gifts and blessings, do you sometimes take them (or some of them) for granted?
• Please share some of those little times you say “thank you” to God during the day for daily gifts.

With positive feedback from so many of the guests, SWIFT feels like the interfaith dinner accomplished the goals and mission of such dinners – which is to create an atmosphere of interfaith harmony, respect, bridge-building and friendship.


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