Building bridges between our religious communities.

Respect, understanding and tolerance.

The mission of SWIFT is to promote dialogue among the Christian, Jewish and Muslim religious communities and to work together on common community projects. The hope is that the efforts of SWIFT will promote mutual respect and will build understanding among these religious communities.

Membership of SWIFT is made up of Christian churches, Jewish synagogues and Muslim mosques. SWIFT is made up of groups centered around but not restricted to the South-West suburbs of Chicago, IL.

It is not the goal of SWIFT to convert any group to the beliefs of another. Also, SWIFT does not take stands on political issues.

SWIFT provides a forum for the Christian, Muslim and Jewish people in the area to educate, interact with and learn from each other. May God bless this endeavor and give it much success.

August 2018
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If your church, mosque or synagogue believes in interfaith dialogue, consider joining SWIFT!

Fr. Greg Friedman, O.F.M., encourages listeners to learn to respect authentic Islam, taking a cue from a famous story about St. Francis of Assisi and his meeting with a Muslim leader.

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